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Doing renovation work to your home?

Is your building renovation contractor licensed by the City of Toronto?

Be sure to enter into a written contract with a licensed building contractor that has a valid City of Toronto licence.

To find out, ask the contractor for his/her Toronto licence number and verify this information with our office:

Call Centre 416-392-6700 for information

Subcontractors working for a general contractor must also have a licence. Chapter 545 of the City of Toronto Municipal Code requires that the following building contractors be licensed to operate in the City of Toronto:

Building renovators such as: roofers, carpenters, bricklayers, concrete workers, waterproofing

Drain contractors
Plumbing contractors
Heating contractors
Insulation installers
Here are some tips before starting a building renovation

Check with the Building Division office if a construction permit is required for the proposed renovation
Get at least 3 quotes from licensed contractors
Get references from other customers
Enter into a written contract
Ensure that all work to be done (including site clean up) is clearly stated in the contract
Ensure that the full price of the job is in the contract
Agree with your contractor on a payment schedule, subject to the provisions of the Construction Lien Act and include the schedule in the contract.
The contract must include the name of the company, the business address, phone number, a completion date, and a Toronto Licence number.
There are some unscrupulous individuals who prey on the unsuspecting public and suggest doing building renovation work that is not needed. Do not sign or agree to allow people to do work without consulting someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Need a Building Permit? Contact your local Building Division district office here.