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嘉德2013年经纪培训计划( JDL 2013 Training Plan)


We are growing, we need more fresh ideas to improve ourselves! It is the time to plan next year education for all of us. Here are the seminars will be directly delivered to our office by the instructors send by TREB or RECO.

The seminars usually are 2 hours length, carry 2 CE credits and cost $5 (may be $10 plus taxes) per attendee. You may not need the CE, but you definitely need more knowledgement!

From the beginning of 2013 to the middle of the year, every week or every two weeks!

More Advanced, higher level!

At the same time, we will still keep the good reputed 8 starting courses for freshman every Wednesday evening for whole year!

Seminars held in our Brokerage:

• A Comprehensive Review of MLS® Rules • An Overview of 2013 Commercial Forms • An Overview of 2013 Standard Forms • Best Practices When Dealing with Clients and Customers • How REBBA Affects You Every Day • Topical Issues of the Real Estate Industry • The Real Estate Industry: What You Need to Know

  • Sensible Practices to Avoid Risk and Liability
  • Solutions to Consumer Complaints
  • Radon Gas – What You Need to Know and How it Will Affect the Future of Real Estate Transactions
  • Second Suites in Homes and Student Lodging Houses
  • Subdividing Land
  • The REALTOR® and the Minor Variance
  • Achieving Success through Careful Negotiation and Client Communication
  • Boundary Rights: Fence Lines, Title Disputes and Related Issues
  • Building Loyal Customers: Avoiding Legal/Discipline Proceedings
  • Complying with Privacy Workshop
  • Understanding the Competition Consent Agreement
  • The Rewards of Great Client Management
  • Advertising Practices for Success and Compliance
  • Agency Practice
  • Basics of Selling a Small Business
  • Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • Creation and Use of Clauses for Representation
  • Keeping the Deal Together
  • Perfecting Your Evaluations
  • Residential Investment Properties
  • Topical Issues Facing REALTORS®
  • Boomers and Their Parents: What Do They Want?
  • Reverse Mortgages & Home Equity Management, In Context
  • Riding the Age Wave: Emerging Trends and Strategies for Success
  • Sharpen Your Communication Edge: Why Would a Buyer or Seller Choose You?
  • Title Insurance
  • About Your House
  • BlackBerry for Advanced Users
  • Wireless BlackBerry Training
  • ICI Green Building and LEED® Intensive
  • Duties of Real Estate Agents – Learning from the Mistakes of Others
  • Real Estate Transactions Involving Special Parties: Powers of Attorney, Estates, and
  • Family Law Issues
  • The Condominium Act, 1998
  • The Essentials of Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Condominiums, Co-
  • Operatives, and Co-Ownerships – What You Should Know, What You Need
  • to Know, and What You Must Know
  • The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006
  • Understanding Co-Operatives, Co-Ownership, Condominiums and Fractional
  • Ownerships
  • Databases 101
  • Agency Practice
  • Commercial Agency
  • Complying with Privacy Workshop
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST): Good News/Bad News, Which Do You Want to Hear First?
  • Insurance Concerns for Buyers
  • Money Laundering & Grow Houses
  • Power of Sale
  • RECO Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • SPIS: Don’t Leave the Office Without It
  • The Land Registry Office: Now That I’m Here, What Do I Do?
  • Communicating in the 21st Century – What’s Changed?
  • Influence: Principled and with Integrity
  • Legal Concerns for Residential Rental Properties
  • Negotiation for REALTORS® Workshop
  • Negotiation for REALTORS® Workshop (Advanced)
  • New Homes
  • Power of Sale and Other Mortgage Remedies
  • Powerful Presentations Workshop
  • The Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Tips & Traps
  • The Master Negotiator Workshop
  • Think in Legal Terms: Stay Out of Trouble
  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Diversity, Culture and Real Estate
  • Open House Safety and Personal Information Protection for Clients and REALTOR®
  • Preventing Real Estate Fraud
  • Drinking Water Criteria
  • Environmental Conditions: Dangers Found in Residential Properties
  • Mould: The New Dangers
  • Septics and Sewers
  • Stigmatized Properties: The New Approach to Brownfields
  • Identification of Environmental Risk – Commercial
  • Anatomy of Environmental Risk at Residential Properties
  • Apartment Expert: Prospecting for and Selling Rental Apartments
  • MPAC Commercial
  • MPAC Update 2010
  • Appraisal for Superior Sales and Listings
  • Selling the Haunted House: The Effects of Stigmatized Properties
  • The Next Real Estate Wave: Tapping into the Grey Market
  • Creating Self-Serve Virtual Tours
  • Fuel Oil Appliance and Underground Tanks
  • Agency Practice
  • Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • Getting it Right the First Time: Advertising Guidelines for the Real Estate Professional
  • Buyer Beware: The Buyer’s Duty to Inspect, The Agent’s Duty to Protect!
  • Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • Disclosure and the Real Estate Professional
  • Etiquette: Business Behaviour for the Real Estate Professional
  • Getting the Buyer Representation Agreement
  • Multiple Offers: The Seller, the Buyer and You!
  • Property Disclosure: Duties of the Seller and the Listing Agent
  • Real Estate Brokerage is About Relationships
  • Stigma and Property: Detection, Disclosure and Cure
  • The Buyer Representation Agreement
  • Tough Times, Tough REALTOR®
  • Buying a New Condominium: Legal Issues for Salespeople
  • Buying a Resale Condominium: Legal Issues for Salespeople
  • Complying with Privacy Workshop
  • Hidden Health Hazards in the Home
  • Agency Practice
  • Brokerage Initiatives for Success (for Salespeople and Brokers of Record)
  • Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • Dealing Effectively with Agreements of Purchase & Sale and Related Documents
  • How REBBA 2002 Affects You Everyday
  • Hughlogics: REALTOR® Issues for the Millennium
  • Real Estate Forms in Plain Language
  • Realistic Buyer Representation
  • Vital Issues Facing REALTORS® Regarding Residential Tenancies
  • Home Energy Efficiency
  • Recognizing Structural Deficiencies in Homes: A Primer for Real Estate Professionals
  • Understanding the Green Energy Act, Resale/New Home Building Labelling and Climate Change
  • Home Inspection & the Real Estate Transaction
  • REALTORS® and Home Inspectors: Same Client, Same Ethics, Different Priorities
  • Retroactive Residential Building Standards
  • Bookkeeping & Record Keeping for the Real Estate Professional
  • Complying with Privacy Workshop
  • Legal Forum Live
  • 100 Ways to Be Better in Real Estate
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Improving your Mindset in Real Estate Sales
  • Listing Presentation
  • Time Management
  • About Your House
  • Code of Ethics Under REBBA
  • Real Estate Forms in Plain Language

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Broker of Record

Dec. 14, 2012